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Charles County Charitable Trust and Charles County Health Department announce ARPA

ARPA Round 2 Grant Awards

The Charles County Charitable Trust in partnership with Charles County Health Department announces the awards of 17American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Behavioral Health grants to nonprofits serving the Charles County community. The award amounts, totaling $500,000, are provided by Charles County through the American Rescue Plan Act passed by Congress in 2021.

Through an agreement with the Charles County Government and the Charles County Health Department, the Charles County Charitable Trust serves as the administrator of these grant awards. The Trust received 18grant applications this round with grant requests totaling over $730,000.The Charitable Trust’s Board of Directors reviewed every application and made reward decisions as a team. Grant awards ranged from $12,777 to $50,000 with the average recipient award totaling about $28,400.

All programs and projects funded in this round are related to behavioral health services, per the requirements of these restricted funds. Much of the funding will be used to hire mental health professionals to create or expand upon both individual and group behavioral health programs. Other uses for these funds include sending staff to trainings to better support the needs of Charles County’s underserved populations, assistance with food insecurity, and out-of-school programs for youth that address bullying, mental stress, and health concerns. Funded projects will directly aid adults, children, the homeless, people with disabilities, low-income families, mentally ill persons, and those struggling with substance abuse disorders. All grant funding is used solely within Charles County for the benefit of local residents. Qualifying grant recipients were required to provide proof of their official charitable status, financial stability, and clearly state their program objectives. Each recipient is required to sign a formal agreement and provide the Trust with an annual report outlining their use of grant dollars.

The Charitable Trust and its board members continue to acknowledge the incredible strength and resilience of our nonprofit community during a difficult time of social and financial struggle. Despite the challenges still being faced post-pandemic, our county nonprofits push forward in providing essential services and relationships within our community. They require our community’s ongoing support, and the Charles County Charitable Trust is honored to have been entrusted with the management of these ARPA grant funds. Our Board of Directors and staff appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the county’s well-being through service and advocacy of our stellar nonprofit organizations.

A list of ARPA Behavioral Health Grant Recipients can be found on the Charles County Charitable Trusts website:

(American Rescue Plan Act (Behavioral Health) Award List – Charles County Charitable Trust (

Request additional information by emailing cburnett@charlesnonprofits.orgor visiting

Charles County Charitable Trust announcement of upcoming grants

The Charles County Charitable Trust is pleased to announce the availability of $285,000 in ARPA Round 3 grant funds for nonprofit organizations serving Charles County. Applications are due by January 9th. The Trust is also planning to announce a Micro grant round of funding in early 2024 for small nonprofits less than 5 years old serving Charles County.  Please visit www.charlesnonprofits.organd join our email list for application announcements, deadlines, and updates on future nonprofit grant funding opportunities.


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