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Charitable Trust visits Toiletry and Company, Inc.

Charitable Trust Staff met with Rochelle Campbell, Founder of Toiletry & Company, on a March Friday morning at J.P. Ryon Elementary School in Waldorf to learn about her mission to provide basic hygiene necessities to those in need. You may see Rochelle around southern Maryland, not just assisting within the school system, but at many community events for adults and children. This day, she was making rounds to Charles County’s five Community Schools to drop off hygiene kits for students. “Community Schools” are public schools identified by the state of Maryland as serving a majority of low-income households and receive extra funding for services. Rochelle and her volunteers work closely with Community School Coordinators to get toiletry kits into the hands of students in need.

Rochelle explains her passion for spreading “LOVE, HOPE, & SOAP” began with a realization that while there are many services that offer food, clothing, and coats to those in need, there is a gap in availability of the most basic hygiene necessities. As she reminds us, “Every single person everywhere needs soap and basic hygiene items every day, however, these necessities can be costly for many families.” Rochelle shows us her hygiene kits, which include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, combs, small towels, as well as cards with instructions in both English and Spanish so young people can learn good hygiene habits.

Rochelle and her volunteers make hygiene kits as well as sanitary packs for girls, and deliver them to Charles County’s Community Schools where they can be sent home with students alongside food and other items that the Community School Coordinators collect and disperse. Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, the number of Community Schools in Charles County is doubling from 5 to 10. This presents a new challenge to community helpers like Rochelle as they aim to keep up with the growing needs in Charles County.

How can you help?

The easiest way to help is through any amount of financial donation, big or small! Rochelle orders her kit supplies in bulk from businesses she has partnered with, which streamlines the kit making process and ensures all kits are identical for the students receiving them. “Your contribution can make a tangible difference in students’ lives in dire need of life’s necessities – not just physical items like soap but also the intangible yet crucial gifts of love and hope.” -Rochelle Campbell, Creator of Toiletry & Co.

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Did you know?

A $20 donation to Toiletry & Company will provide approximately 20 hygiene kits or 5 sanitary packs to those in need in Charles County.


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