Who We Are

We spearheaded a critical survey of the local nonprofit sector and published the findings in the “Charles County Nonprofit Social and Economic Impact Study.” Through a formal agreement with the Charles County government, we manage the Nonprofit Grant Awards Program with a strong commitment to fairness, balance, and transparency. We annually distribute grant funds to qualified nonprofits that provide important services to Charles County residents.

We have also introduced a number of other programs aimed at meeting the needs of the local nonprofit sector. The Presidents’ Council provides the means for persons who hold the chief volunteer position for their nonprofits to share information and to focus on issues that affect organizational success. The Fundraising and Sustainability Project provides nonprofit participants an unmatched opportunity to benefit from intensive training that includes consultant-led seminars and specialized coaching. We provide administrative help to the Charles County Service & Advocacy Council and play a facilitating role to enhance partnership efforts to tackle such challenges as affordable housing. We also sponsor the Nonprofit Leaders Colloquium, which serves as a key networking system allowing organizations whose missions also include service to the nonprofit sector.

Our Commitments

Supporting and enhancing the quality of life for county residents through an independent and balanced grant-making process
Fostering a commitment to excellence throughout the nonprofit sector
Encouraging collaboration and partnerships within the sector
Elevating the level of philanthropic activity in the community
Raising public awareness of the vitality of nonprofit endeavor and of the essential services that flow from it

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