Fiscal Year 2025 Grants will be due April 11, 2024


Helping Charles County Succeed

We work with nonprofits doing good work in Charles County, Maryland with the focus of improving the lives of the County’s residents. We provide grant programs, training programs, and foster meaningful partnerships.

Who We Are

Over 500 nonprofits operate in Charles County. Their work covers a broad spectrum of categories including health, disabilities, the arts, education, youth, the environment, law and human services. Although their missions vary, all these organizations share a common goal, to improve the quality of life for county residents. Through grants provided by the Trust, nonprofits can continue to offer and expand programs to county residents.

Our Commitments

We are dedicated to providing open communication, information and support to improve the lives of Charles County residents.

Quality of Life

Supporting and enhancing the quality of life for Charles County residents through an independent and balanced grant-making process

Commitment to excellence

Fostering a commitment to excellence throughout the nonprofit sector


Encouraging collaboration and partnerships between nonprofits and the community


Tracking the impact grant dollars have on the Charles County community and beyond

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