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Presidents’ Council

Not every nonprofit organization has a CEO – a Chief Executive Officer. But every nonprofit has a CVO – Chief Volunteer Officer.

That position goes by a variety of titles, depending on the organization’s bylaws or customs. Whether Board Chair, Chairperson, or President, it identifies the person who is chosen to lead the organization, usually for a defined term. Sometimes the board of directors appoints or elects the CVO, and sometimes the choice is made by membership vote. With rare exception, it is an unpaid position.

Are you at present a CVO?
Have you been one in the past?
Would you like to be one in the future?

Hard to believe this, but national studies have shown that very little effort goes into examining this pivotal role. Nonprofits report that planning for smooth transitions from one CVO to another is not on the radar screen, and training for how to handle challenges like crisis management and strategic leadership is likewise seldom considered. Often, it’s a play-it-by-ear assignment.

With the conviction that the President’s role deserves far more attention, we are pleased to announce the creation this year of the Nonprofit Presidents’ Council.

Presidents’ Council meetings take place every quarter. To make sure that you receive your invitation to them, please let us know how to reach you. Special alert to executive directors: Tell us the best way to contact your organization’s chief volunteer office. Contact Vivian Mills at 301-934-3710 or