ARPA Round #3 grant closes January 9, 2024

Nonprofit Pro Bono Collaborative

In the legal world, the concept of pro bono services has long been well established. Lawyer and law firms are accustomed to the idea of allocating a portion of their time to providing free services.

This concept is now beginning to gain ground in other areas of the private sector. Encouraged by efforts of such national organizations as the Taproot Foundation and Common Impact, business firms are opening up to ways of working together with nonprofit organizations–with significant benefit to each.

Just one example: Nonprofit X recognizes its need for help with its financial management system, but is unable to afford an outside consultant. Corporation Y offers to step in and arranges to have one of its finance office executives provide guidance for free.

For Nonprofit X, timely improved financial management without a burden on the budget. For Corporation Y, the satisfaction of giving back to the community and broadening its reputation for being good neighbors.

The Charitable Trust is in the process of planning a pro bono initiative for Charles County nonprofits and private sector entities.


Has your nonprofit organization had the benefit of pro bono help? If so, what kind? How did it go?

Has your company been involved in pro bono services? If so, what kind? How did it go? If not, would you be interested in undertaking a pro bono program?

Susan Petroff, Program Director, at 301-934-3711 or