Fiscal Year 2025 Grants will be due April 11, 2024

Grant Recipients for Fiscal Year 2023

Awarded by the Board of Directors of the Charles County Charitable Trust
Total Funds Awarded: $1,109,300.00

Adoptions Together
Grant Award:  $10,000
Purpose:  Partner with Charles County Department of Social Services to provide training and counseling services that will strengthen foster and adoptive placements and prevent children from entering foster care.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington – Angel’s Watch Shelter
Grant Award:  $65,000
Purpose:  Provide safe emergency shelter and wraparound supportive services for single women and families experiencing homelessness, including survivors of domestic violence. 

Charles County Arts Alliance
Grant Award:  $7,000
Purpose:  Support for the underserved Nanjemoy population through the Nanjemoy Community Center Art Camp and Theater Training Program.

Charles County Family Daycare Association
Grant Award: $5,000
Purpose:  Provide training for Charles County Family Childcare Providers to meet licensing requirements.

Charles County Meals on Wheels
Grant Award:  $35,000
Purpose:  Assure continuity of meals and services to home-bound senior citizens.

Chesapeake Choral Arts Society
Grant Award:  $4,000
Purpose:  Promote choral music performance through concerts featuring a full orchestration and vocalists.

Community Crisis & Referral Center dba Center for Abused Persons
Grant Award:  $35,000   
Purpose:  Management of the 24-Hour crisis hotline operations and related services.

Deep Launching Incorporated
Grant Award:  $3,000
Purpose: Program support to continue distribution of living necessities to homeless and low-income residents.

End Hunger
Grant Award:  $20,000
Purpose:  Provide healthy meals to Charles County residents who are experiencing food insecurities.

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Grant Award:  $20,000
Purpose:  Provide necessary facility repairs to continue meeting needs of the underserved population including operations of the food pantry, educational and support groups.    

Help You Too
Grant Award:  $6,000
Purpose:  Assist minority veterans with processing claims for VA benefits and service-connected compensation.

Humane Society of Charles County
Grant Award:  $6,000
Purpose:  Provide free pet wellness services for struggling community families, enabling them to keep their family pets healthy.

Grant Award:  $18,000
Purpose:  Support for children’s summer camp activities, tutoring, workshops, and student club activities.

LifeStyles of Maryland
Grant Award:  $65,000
Purpose:  Provide shelter services for homeless households, street outreach, and day program services.

Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center
Grant Award:  $35,000
Purpose:  Provide legal representation and victim advocacy for crime victims in Charles County.

Melwood Horticultural Training Center
Grant Award:  $50,000
Purpose:  Introduction of Seed-to-Table program educating young people how to start and maintain a vegetable garden at home providing healthy meals and snacks for themselves, their family and friends.

Our Place Waldorf
Grant Award:  $21,946
Purpose:  Provide nutritious meals to residents in need.

Promise Landing Farm
Grant Award:  $10,000
Purpose:  Inclusive horseback riding lessons for underserved residents of Charles County.

The ARC of Southern Maryland
Grant Award:  $44,878
Purpose:  Build out learning lab in new Charles County office to be used by those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy
Grant Award:  $35,000
Purpose:  Provide court advocacy and legal representation to victims of crimes.

Southern Maryland Community Network
Grant Award:  $10,000
Purpose:  Provide community-based outreach services and case management to citizens experiencing homelessness.

Spring Dell Center
Grant Award:  $38,000
Purpose:  Addressing the workforce needs in the community by providing transportation that will help individuals with disabilities get to and from their places of volunteer and employment.

The Catherine Foundation
Grant Award:  $30,000
Purpose:  Increasing learn-to-earn class incentives by providing families in need with baby supplies and care packages upon completion of a childcare, life skills or parenting class.   

The Promise Resource Center
Grant Award:  $30,000
Purpose:  Support programs that improve family functioning, facilitate family reunification, and help prevent foster care placement for children.  

Bay Community Support Services
Grant Award:  $15,807
Purpose:  Provide repairs and updates in three residential group homes for people with disabilities.

Center for Children
Grant Award:  $65,000
Purpose:  Supporting a clinic child psychiatrist position to provide services to children without insurance.

Charles County Children’s Aid Society
Grant Award:  $25,000
Purpose:  Support families facing financial hardship by offering them school supplies and holiday gifts for their children.

Charles County HARC
Grant Award: $10,000
Purpose:  Provide persons with disabilities with specialized equipment, medical supplies, services, and tuition for summer camps.

Charles County Literacy Council
Grant Award:  $10,000
Purpose:  Help sustain the adult tutoring program through operating funds allowing focus on increasing volunteer tutors to serve underserved population areas.

Charles County Youth Orchestra
Grant Award:  $5,500
Purpose:  Support students’ musical, leadership and academic skills through musical performances.

Christmas in April dba Rebuilding Together Charles County
Grant Award:  $15,000
Purpose:  Provide materials to assist families in need of major home repairs or modifications. 

Conservancy for Charles County
Grant Award:  $3,000
Purpose:  Support for the continuance of land protection and preservation services.

Dream Queen Foundation
Grant Award:  $15,000
Purpose:  Empower young girls to create mental wellness through resources, mentorship and coaching.

Friends of Old Waldorf School Foundation
Grant Award:  $5,000
Purpose:  Provide a central location to educate and showcase the historical importance of Waldorf and Waldorf School to Charles County.

Health Partners
Grant Award: $48,295
Purpose:  Provide free dental services during “Community Dental Days” and provide financial assistance for patients unable to afford treatment.

Hospice of Charles County
Grant Award:  $50,000
Purpose:  Expansion of hospice care, support services, and palliative care for our community.

Ivy & Pearls of Southern Maryland
Grant Award:  $5,000
Purpose:  Provide grocery gift cards for fresh food to encourage participation in the virtual healthy eating program.

Lifepoint Wesleyan dba Poiema Movement
Grant Award:  $55,000
Purpose:  Providing a restorative residential program assisting women in crisis.

Lions Camp Merrick
Grant Award:  $30,000
Purpose:  Operational support for ACA Accredited summer camping season for underprivileged and special needs children and their families including: hearing impaired, sight impaired and Type I diabetic camps.  

Maryland Diaper Bank
Grant Award:  $15,000
Purpose:  Provide diapers and other childcare essentials to new mothers.

New Hope Community Outreach
Grant Award:  $5,000
Purpose:  Increase capacity of the Sustainable Garden Program and Emergency Needs Program through fresh fruits and vegetables distributed weekly.

Port Tobacco Players
Grant Award:  $13,750
Purpose:  Offering the community 6 mainstage show performances, Kids and Teens Encore Camp and Summer Camp Mockabee.  

Pure Play Every Day, Inc.  
Grant Award:  $4,000
Purpose:  Providing open ended, meaningful play opportunities to under resourced citizens and organized play visits and opportunities at local shelters.    

Sagepoint Senior Living Services
Grant Award:  $21,000
Purpose:  Continued maintenance of HEPA filtration system.

Southern Maryland Center for Independent Living
Grant Award:  $10,000
Purpose:  Provide disabled residents with assistance for equipment, devices, or modifications that allow them to be safe and independent.

Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee
Grant Award:  $32,500
Purpose:  Expand the operational capacity for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training Program.

Stella’s Girls
Grant Award:  $5,000
Purpose: Mentoring program focusing on youth ages 12-19 promoting academic and employment success.  

The Jude House
Grant Award:  $26,624
Purpose:  Provide a Spiritual Wellness Development Program to increase effectiveness of treatment for uninsured or underinsured men and women suffering from substance abuse disorder.   

Upward Thrive Academy
Grant Award:  $15,000
Purpose:  A year-round, inclusive youth theatre program offering social interaction and confidence building through self-expression and emotional release.

Note: Even if regional in scope, nonprofit organizations use grant funds solely for the benefit of Charles County residents.