Application Deadline: June 28, 2021

The Charles County Charitable Trust is responsible for distributing over $500,000 in funds to nonprofit organizations serving Charles County. The funds are provided by the County through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

The need for funding does not have to directly relate to the adverse economic impacts of COVID on organizations. It may include COVID and/or other circumstances that impact the ability to adequately provide programs and or/services. All tax-exempt nonprofits with IRS recognition may apply. Applications focused on health and /or human services will receive special consideration.

Eligible uses of awarded funds may include reimbursable expenses for the period March 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021, as long as those expenses have not already been supported by COVID relief or other funding. Funds must be expended no later than December 31, 2021.

Orientation Workshop: June 14, 2021
Application Portal Open: June 17, 2021
Application Deadline:  June 28, 2021
Notification of Awards: July 12, 2021
Grant Period: March 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021
Grant Amount: The maximum grant amount is $50,000

Grant Orientation Workshop

The rules from the Department of Housing and Community Development are a little different from last year’s CARES ACT funding. You may find the recording of the June 14 orientation meeting useful, especially if this is the first time you have applied for a grant from the Charitable Trust.


  • Must have IRS recognition as a tax-exempt organization no later than May 31, 2020.
  • Must have been in operation continuously since May 31, 2020.
  • Must have a physical location/address in Charles County.
  • Must be in good standing with the state of Maryland.


  • Priority will be made to nonprofit organizations that have not already received an award from the Nonprofit Recovery Initiative Program (NORI) that the Dept of Housing & Community Development administered in 2020. However, nonprofits, who have already received NORI grants, are still urged to apply.
  • Priority will also be made to nonprofit organizations that did not receive CARES ACT funding from the Charitable Trust in 2020. Nonprofits, who have already received CARES ACT funding through the Trust, are still urged to apply.
  • Priority will also be given to organizations that provide health and human services, but all nonprofits are urged to apply. 

Even with these priorities in place, we expect the available funds will go a long way toward addressing nonprofits’ needs at this time.

Criteria for Use of Funds

Applying organizations are free to request funding for any or all categories of funding. The criteria for use of this fund in each of three categories include: 

  • Category A: Net Revenue Loss Between March 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021. Applicants must provide financial evidence of net revenue loss. If a grant is awarded, it can be used to support general operating expenses up to the extent of the net revenue loss.
  • Category B: Projected Net Revenue Loss Between June 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021. Applicants must document and provide rationale for loss (for example cancellation of annual fundraising event, loss from space rental, proof of other revenue declines). If a grant is awarded, it can be used to support general operating expenses up to the extent of the projected revenue loss.
  • Category C: For direct cost of goods and services. Applicants must provide details regarding the need and purpose of the grant request.  For this category of funding, the revenue loss requirement does not apply.  Funds may cover expenses incurred between March 1, 2020-December 31, 2021.

Expenditures covered by this request are not eligible for any other funding or reimbursement and cannot be used as a match for another federal or state award.

Evaluation Criteria

Each application is reviewed for completeness by staff and is evaluated, starting with small panels of the Board of Directors and culminating in a detailed discussion of all the applications by the full Charitable Trust Board of Directors. Key factors include:  

  • For general operating funds: Evidence of revenue loss caused by the pandemic or other hardship,
  • For direct expenditures for pandemic-related or other hardship-related goods and services: Clear explanation of need and purpose,
  • Preponderance of need in the county to the extent that need can be determined,
  • Goals, objectives, and outcomes are clearly defined and achievable, given the available financial and staff resources,
  • Potential impact program(s) will have on the quality of lives of underserved populations, such as those living in poverty or from low-income households, those experiencing hardship because of unemployment during the pandemic and individuals with disabilities,
  • Potential impact on the quality of life for residents of Charles County at large, such as arts and culture, the environment and education,
  • The extent to which partnerships are formed with other organizations to better target services, improve programs and reduce costs,
  • The extent to which a diverse mix of funding is obtained to support and/or expand programs, and
  • The extent applicants meet priorities: did not receive NORI grant or CARES ACT funding in 2020 and provides health and human services.

You may download a copy of the application form “here” if you wish to work on your application offline until it is opened on June 17.    

Questions? Contact Susan Petroff at