COVID-19 Emergency Funding

moving forward together

This community-wide appeal is underway to raise emergency funds for nonprofits fighting the impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak in Charles County. Launched by the Charles County Charitable Trust, the 2020 Community Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Fund gives the public a way to support locally-based organizations facing the strain of meeting unprecedented demands.

Nonprofit groups are offering meaningful help to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. The needs range from food, shelter, and personal care items all the way to guidance in managing self-distancing, dealing with loss of work, handling child care problems, and inability to get medical and dental help.

Funds provided by the Charles County Board of Commissioners to help nonprofits will soon be exhausted — but the need for help will continue. This special Relief Fund will ensure that charitable organizations serving the community will not be left behind.

Donations made to the Trust are tax deductible in accordance with federal and state tax regulations. The Trust calls attention to a provision of the recently passed CARES Act, which allows for a special $300 tax break for contributions to qualified organizations. Recognized by IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization, the Trust qualifies. Various online sources give details about this special provision, or consult your tax advisor.

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